Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Radio Free Britain

I have moved to Radio Free Britain, I am now blogging full time on that site. It will be a daily blog with a radio show every Sunday evening to start.

The site has an email address and we would love to here from you. We would also like to give people the chance to air their views through an interview, etc.

We are not politically correct, we are just conservative nationalists that oppose the corruption and sellout by the liberal elite and oppose the integration of our country into the E.U. superstate.

Our other main aim is to highlight any form of socialist/marxist mismanagement that has plague this land for far too long. Please come along and add yourselves to our followers to show your support.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

RFB News: Radio Broadcast Listinigs for Sunday 4th October

We have sorted out the gremlins, so the sound quality should be spot on this week; 6.00pm start. If you go through CP Internet radio site, we recommend using Real Player.

6.00pm Nationalist News

6.10pm Rock Show with The Drewmeister - from Wales all the latest in Hard Rock, and Metal, This is loud and very heavy; you have been warned.

7.00pm Nationalist News

7.10pm Rock n Roll show - Biggles takes you through the years with topical conversation and news

8.00pm Nationalist News

8.10pm V for Vendetta - Vendetta tells you as it is classic rock and retro pop music.

9.00pm Nationalist News

9.10pm General music and chat. Next week we will have extended interviews with the leading lights of the English Democrats including the Chairman Robin Tilbrook and Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies and topical Conversation.

10.00pm Nationalist News

10.10pm A talk from Leading Nationalist followed by conversation and music.

11.00pm Nationalist News followed by National Anthem and Close

If you have any requests, comments or have trouble connecting then please feel free to email us at: - with your views - with your music requests - if you have news or events that you would like us to mention

Websites carrying the radio - V for Vendetta: Independent - The Beacon: Independent - Biggles: Independent