Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Swedish Army's boob...

The bras issued to Swedish female military conscripts easily catch fire and are prone to coming undone, making them inappropriate for the battlefield, claims a conscripts’ rights group.

“Our opinion is that the Swedish Armed Forces should have ordered good, flame proof underwear,” group spokesperson Paulina Rehbinder said, “There should be suitable apparel for women.”

The poor quality of the standard issue sports bras prompted a group by female soldiers at the LV 6 military base in Halmstad to voice their displeasure to representatives recently.

The women complained that the bras aren’t flame resistant and, once lit, can melt, fasteners come undone when rigorous exercise is performed, forcing soldiers to take off all of their equipment in order to refasten the brassieres (Oh, to be the PTI).

Rehbinder accuses Sweden’s military establishment of not giving the women enough support. Boom Boom

When we have a war with someone, their nationals come here; can we invade Sweden next time.

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