Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Radio Free Britain invited to the English Democrats AGM

This post was written by the Bedfordshire Beacon for Radio Free Britain.
I had a long conversation with the Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook on the phone a couple of weeks ago and was invited down to their AGM for an interview.

The idea was to go down, get an interview then rush back to broadcast on Sunday. However that wasn't to be.

Upon my arrival I was welcomed by Mr. Tilbrook and we spoke at length for some time.
Robin Tilbrook stands over six feet tall and is the stereo typical old cliché of a charming English gent. Well mannered, soft spoken, highly educated solicitor.

The venue at the Thistle hotel Brands Hatch, was very professionally laid out as were the presentations. The atmosphere warm friendly and inviting. Looking around the room, I would have put the average member attending the AGM from late thirties up not including the EDY youth group.

It wasn't long before Mr. Tilbrook introduced me to Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies with whom I also gave a short interview. Mr. Davies was a completely different to Robin Tilbrook in many ways.

The Doncaster Mayor was short in statue and spoke in a Northern accent. Peter Davies was straight forward and didn't hold back on what he wanted to say. He knows common sense well and lives by it. I didn't always agree with some of this comments through understood why he was so successful for the English Democrats.

I was to receive a bonus with a short talk with the heads of the new Workers of England Trade Union who have tied themselves to the English Democrats and reject other unions who tie themselves to Labour.

As there was so much information to be told, we decided to make it into a half hour special to be broadcast next Sunday to be followed up with a in-depth blog after the broadcast.

Beacon for RFB

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