Thursday, September 24, 2009

Highest number of uninsured drivers are in crowded Asian area

One in 10 drivers is uninsured in Britain's major cities - with Bradford the worst offender. In one Bradford postcode half of motorists are uninsured while 13% of people in Greater London lack documents.

According to the industry-funded Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) an estimated 1.7 million drivers have no insurance. The MIB's database of insurance policies is used by the police to identify uninsured drivers.

It shows that roughly half the vehicles registered in Bradford's BD3 city centre postcode area have no insurance. Figures just released show the worst cities overall are Greater London, Merseyside with 12% and Manchester with 10%. The uninsured drivers cost every policy holder an extra £30 to fund the losses they cause.

BD3 postcode : The demographics and housing often found in this and similar postcodes, means this postcode is classed as crowded Asian terraces. Very high concentrations of neighbourhoods fitting this profile are found in Bradford, Southall, Blackburn, East London and Birmingham.


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