Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bedford Mayoral Candidate Tony Hare has my vote

This man is the only alternative to the left, the Tory Parvez Akhtar is in my mind highly suspect to say the least and I have been told there are a lot of dead links on the web; got something to hide? So vote independent blue, he's a real Tory and keep the Reds out of Bedford.

Former borough councillor and Character Tony Hare believes he has a number of policies to offer that none of his opponents can match. He said: "We owe it to future generations to elect an independent mayor, acceptable to all, who will continue the work to make our part of Bedfordshire a place that all residents are proud to call home."

Mr Hare was leader of the Conservative group at Borough Hall in 2002, the same year that Mr Branston was first elected mayor. He said he will look at policies that other candidates have not included in their manifestos.

These include introducing a 'shop a thief' initiative, where people who tell police when they know someone has committed a crime can receive a suggested £1,000 reward.
He advocates 'river buses' into town along the Ouse, which he believes would be a significant tourist attraction.

Mr Hare also announced himself in favour of keeping Bedford Borough's three-tier school system, rather than scrap middle schools as Mr Branston had controversially proposed. Mr Hare said this week: "I believe in the saying: 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. "Three-tier works, and this year's exam results for students in the borough are good.

Mr Hare believes in the spirit of 66 referring to the World Cup, the team was full of characters and that he infers that's what why we won (true Brit grit).

Ray Hostler has dropped out of the election for the new Mayor of Bedford. The independent candidate announced his decision on Tuesday, he said he was backing fellow independent candidate Apu Bagchi. (both lefties)

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